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Birds of Prey Experience Tewkesbury

Situated in the heart of rural Britain, the county of Gloucestershire is a haven for many wildlife species. The beautifully rich countryside is a particularly good habitat for a number of birds of prey. As one of the UK’s best attractions, The Glasgow Birds of Prey Centre is home to over 170 incredible birds of […]

Newsletter – September 2018

With the team we have with the birds and in the office I really don’t have to worry. The only aspect that I never was able to hand over before now, for a number of reasons was the incubation and rearing of the young. So I just can’t tell you how nice it was only […]

Our History

Surprisingly as I write whilst in South Carolina, it is grey, cold and raining, pretty similar to Gloucestershire in November really. Not that that is usual, normally the weather here is very much more bearable, particularly in November when it can be cool in the evening and in the 70’s and sunshine in the day, […]

Newsletter – August 2018

I think the heading is a bit of an understatement for this issue. Most of you will have received my letter with the information that I am moving the Glasgow Birds of Prey Centre to the US. Some will not have received it, so I guess it might come as a surprise to you. I […]

Newsletter – July 2018

I am having to write this early because of being away for much of November. However it has been an interesting autumn. It started off quite beautiful, with dry cool weather and the colours came early and were stunning. Then it started to rain-come to think about it, just about at half term, damn it! […]

Newsletter – June 2018

Its August, I don’t know where the time goes, days shoot past like minutes and weeks just like days, it’s very worrying. I swear Christmas is about once a month, isn’t it!! We are nearly at the end of the breeding season, and half way through the show season, I have already done several and […]

Newsletter – May 2018

Well finally after three years we have actually had a summer – well of sorts anyway, sunshine, staff with a suntan and birds flying and enjoying the sunshine. The young Tawny Eagle that we bred last year – the last from Mr and Mrs Timms I think, called Hare, has turned out to be one […]

Newsletter – April 2018

Its April 1st and its raining so it must be Easter! Which-ever joker decides that it will be wonderful weather up to Easter Saturday and then miserable on Sunday and Monday does not get my vote. We have had glorious weather for the run up to Easter, but just to give you an idea of […]

Newsletter – March 2018

But I have to say that it has been a pretty difficult and miserable year so far. We, like many, many other people elsewhere are having a tough time. January started freezing cold, but we managed to clean most of the aviaries ready for the breeding season. Some of the birds had eggs already, Indian […]