Situated in the heart of rural Britain, the county of Gloucestershire is a haven for many wildlife species. The beautifully rich countryside is a particularly good habitat for a number of birds of prey. As one of the UK’s best attractions, The Glasgow Birds of Prey Centre is home to over 170 incredible birds of prey. The centre offers one of the best birds of prey experience in the Gloucestershire area, and is only a short drive away from Tewkesbury.

What are the Experience Days?

The Glasgow Birds of Prey Centre offers several experience days, which features different birds that cater for individual interests. Looking for a present to give to someone that is unique? A voucher for an experience day at the centre provides a special gift for your friend or family, as well as yourself. Get up close and personal with these powerful birds of prey while also improving your knowledge.

What Experience Days are available at The Glasgow Bird of Prey Centre?

The centre offers three Experience Days, which are guaranteed to provide you with enjoyment, including Hawking, Falcon and Owl Experience Days. Prior to your experience day, you will receive an information pack that will provide details on the day’s itinerary and other interesting information about the birds of prey you are about to witness.

The Hawking Experience Day

Did you know that hawks are able to see 8 times better than humans and can also see colour unlike most animals? You could spend a fascinating morning gaining an insight into the life of a hawk. Get hands on with the handling, training and flying sessions where you have the opportunity to handle the birds and watch them fly.

Following the morning’s excitement, lunch is provided and you have the chance to explore the centre and discover other birds. This is your chance to make the most of the amazing photo opportunities here!

In the afternoon you will be taken to some of the local farmland that surrounds the centre to experience some hawking. Here you can watch hawks in their natural habitat, catching their prey and living like they would in the wild. Throughout the day you will be provided with interesting information about the centre and the birds of prey that we have, ensuring that you have a fun day out!

The Falcon Experience Day

Did you know that the fastest speed recorded for a falcon was 242 miles per hour? This is just under the speed of the fastest car in the world! These incredibly fast creatures are truly mesmerising and provide a fascinating day out at the centre. You will have the opportunity on the morning of your experience day to handle these falcons along with other birds such as hawks and eagles.

During the afternoon you will experience the excitement of flying falcons above your head. You will see the experienced falconers swing a lure whilst a falcon flies towards you at incredible speeds! The Falcon Experience Day is a truly thrilling afternoon.

The Owl Experience Day

Did you know that owls can rotate their necks 270 degrees? This is particularly useful for when they are hunting their prey! For the non-thrill seekers, the owl experience day is the perfect chance to get up close with one of the most intriguing birds at the centre.

You may even be lucky enough to see and feed the baby owls at the centre if your experience day is in the breeding season. You will have the chance to handle this bird of prey and gain a better understanding of this unique animal.

We recommend that you book your experience day in advance so as to avoid disappointment! If you would like to find out more information then feel free to give us a call or alternatively drop us an email where we will answer your questions.

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