Because we are open to the general public we receive numerous calls about injured wildlife, and we are pleased to take them. Many of these are raptors, but some are not. We feel that we have an obligation to take in the birds of prey that are in need of help. It can be very stressful for those people finding injured wildlife if they can’t also find someone who is willing and able to help the creatures they find. We do tend to specialise in raptors rather than any of the other species, although we sometimes take in non-raptors if we really have to.


Between 50 and 100 birds per year arrive at the Centre, we are unable to go out and collect them as we just don’t have the staff or vehicles or resources. The birds can be and are delivered to us here. If the injuries are minor and we can deal with them on site we treat them here. If they are such that they require the attention of a vet, we take them to our Vet, Neil Forbes in Swindon.


Some birds have a short-term stay here and are released again as quickly as possible and possibly in the area where they were found. Birds which have more long-term injuries stay until they have recovered and are then sent out to various people, usually, the RSPCA to release and monitor.


We have a clinic on site for the birds, so we can treat them better on site. The next task is to build a new hospital to house them while they are recovering here but need donations or outside funding to do so.

If you would like to donate money to purchase some special piece of equipment or a recuperation/treatment cubicle (we will put your name on the door or on a brick or plaque as part of the building) please contact me at the centre.