Sponsorship of Birds at the Glasgow Birds of Prey Centre

What is sponsorship?

You can make your visit to the Glasgow Birds of Prey Centre more worthwhile by sponsoring one or more of the many birds of prey that live here.

How does Sponsorship Help?

The animal food and veterinary bill, plus all the other costs for over 150 birds is enormous, so sponsorship is very much needed and appreciated by the birds.

Who can Sponsor?

Anyone can sponsor a bird of prey, an individual or a company, a club or group. Simply choose which bird you would like to sponsor and contact The Glasgowl Birds of Prey Centre. Only one sponsor per bird is allowed.

A Gift with a difference.

Sponsorships make unusual gifts at Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, or any other special occasion or anniversary. The annual cost is £52.00 and you will be the only sponsor for that bird, your name board will be outside the aviary and you will have your picture taken with the bird where possible

Sponsors Receive:

Certificate & Photograph of the Bird
One Free Admission Ticket to use as often as you like by nominated holder
NBPC Newsletters
If the bird does not have a name, the first person to sponsor that bird can name it provided the name is consistent with that years chosen theme (this years theme is classical composers).

Who will you Sponsor?

The centre has over 150 birds some of which are rescued and cannot be released, these birds would like a friend and sponsor.

No funding is available to us for looking after rescued/injured birds so all sponsorship monies are directed towards this area. Enquire at the office for bird available list.

Many schools, businesses, and clubs raise money to fund all the shares in one bird. The publicity for such sponsorship can help tremendously in raising the profile of the work at the Centre. If you would like more information, please telephone +44 (0)870 990 1992